Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Absence and the Heart

Today Naomi is spending the entire day at Grandma Worth's house. Richard works very near to their house, so Naomi left with Richard this morning and won't be back until around 6 tonight when Richard gets home. She was super excited about it, but then had a little bout of cold feet around midnight last night. But she recovered this morning and decided to go. She packed her backpack with the essentials for a day away from home - Princesses, Ponies, coloring supplies, and the movie Barbie Swan Lake.

I was feeling pretty excited about it too. It's always easier with one less kid. And Naomi dictates a pretty large chunk of our schedule so things can be a little more relaxed without her. The boys and I went to the mall this morning (with no deadline of having to pick her up from school). The boys and I go to the mall often enough when Naomi is in school - so being there without her wasn't that unusual. But I missed her! Then as we were driving home it seemed so odd to not be stopping to pick her up. And when we got home it seemed very quiet without her bombardment of questions about what was happening next. I miss her! Now it's naptime. And it's always silent during naptime - but it seems a little extra silent today.

I'm sure she's having a blast with Grandma. I bet this will be a day she remembers forever. But she can't get home soon enough for me!


Jessica said...

I didn't know that moms went to the mall with their kids! I don't think I have EVER done that. Seems like it would be torturous

angela michelle said...

Isn't it great when those moments happen? Now you know even more how much you love Naomi.