Thursday, February 26, 2009


I'm learning to make loopy hair bows today! I printed off this great tutorial online (I wish I had saved the URL so I could refer you to it - but I can't find it!) and it's a cinch! They're certainly not perfect (translation: I'm not ready to list them in my shop yet) but they look cute in Naomi's hair. She needs some since she's started letting me get "fancy". BTW this hair-do she's sporting below is her fav right now. She usually picks it when it's her turn - which is fine with me since it's so simple.

Random Tangent:

The last thing I do before I hit the "Publish Post" button is click the spell checker button. I'm so proud when I have no misspelled words. Does it bug anyone else as much as it bugs me when the spellchecker doesn't like some word that's totally valid slang? I want to see that "No misspellings found"!!! Don't take that glory away from me just because you don't like the word playdate or naptime. Come on! Those are words, right?


kashurst said...

I totally agree! I love that happy little comment it gives! I adore Naomi's hair! How cute that the turn taking is really working for you!

Rebecca said...

This is my favorite link. It has all kinds of instructions for making cute girly bows. I think it's pretty fun to do.