Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fancy Hair

When I was in Texas over Christmas I was amazed to my see my SIL, Jessica, doing her daughters hair just for fun. Ginger just sat there for a pretty long time and let her Mom do this elaborate hair style for no particular reason! I was in awe! Naomi has never let me do her hair very fancy unless I bribe her or something. Which seems weird to me since she is the girliest of girls. So I started bugging Naomi about letting me do her hair. She finally came up with the idea that she gets to pick her hairstyle one day and I get to choose the next day and back and forth like that. She came up with this plan all on her own, so when she doesn't like what I'm doing to her hair I just remind her of that. And, what do you know, now that I've had a few days to do her hair my way, she sometimes chooses "my way" as "hers"!

This hairstyle was the best I could do to get her short-ish hair into a "ballerina bun" for her last Sunday.

And this is how her hair is today. It was also her choice. I had done her hair like this but only two braids earlier in the week and she liked it, but wanted more braids today. I can't even believe she asked for "more braids"! Hooray!

I'm still working on her letting me put big bows or other pretty things in it. She still just wants clippies all the time. The above hairstyle would have looked so cute with a big bow!
**While I didn't actually copy any exact hairstyles from these sites, I was inspired by

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Jessica said...

She looks adorable! I'm not surprised Naomi likes the hair now that she's had it a few times, since she IS such a girly girl.