Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A monkey wrench in The Battle

I guess Asher's transition to his big boy bed was a little too easy on me. So it was decided that we needed to throw an illness in just for fun. I'll spare you the details, but he and I were up all night. I'm exhausted to the point of delirium, but he seems to be doing better. The upside is that we're not in the hospital. Remember last years Rotavirus where Asher ended up in the hospital twice because he refused to drink anything but milk and I refused to give milk to a sick-o? Well, this year I nipped that problem in the bud and have been giving the kids juice regularly just to get them ready for any potential sickness. And it has worked! Asher is drinking Pedialyte and is not too dehydrated. It's nice to know that sometimes my worrying and planning works out!


Elieson Family said...

I'm so sorry to hear about that. Michael is sick too right now, but felt well enough to go into work today. I told him he HAS to get better before I'm induced - that was his excuse for not being there the last time, and I am NOT letting him off the hook with that one again.
Is it a cold? Sometimes with the hydration issue, I'll let them drink tons of diluted hot chocolate - you know, more water than tastes good, but coming out of a sippy cup somehow tastes fine.

angela michelle said...

Genius pays off! Hope you all have a nice long naptime.

Paice Family said...

Oh no! How awful. I hope he's feeling better. I got the flu on last Thursday and it was awful! Speaking of the big kid bed....Madeline decided to climb, then fall out of her crib yesterday. Looks like we'll be getting her a big girl bed soon too. Darn! :)