Monday, February 16, 2009

The battle continues

Well, Asher pleasantly surprised me by sleeping as late as 6:20 this morning. And he even let me sleep until 6:45. At that point we called it pointless and just all got up.

Asher and I made a special trip to Target, just he and I, to buy a big boy blanket and pillow. We found a cute truck-themed comforter and sham. It's twin sized and he has a toddler sized bed, but it was all they had so we got it. When we got home I tried to switch his convertible bed from crib to bed all by myself. ...Let's just say, it's a good thing I have a handy husband available. Anyway, I'll spare myself the embarrassing details, but after I quite sabotaging us, the bed switch went very quickly. We put Asher's twin sized blanket the long way across his bed under the mattress and then wrapped it around the mattress and that leaves just enough blanket on top to cover him up. Asher was very pleased and excited about his new bed (which was the whole point of the shopping trip, etc.)

As naptime approached this afternoon Asher was so excited to get to his new bed that he threw a fit about having to eat lunch first. But eventually he made it. Into bed he went, and there he stayed...for about a minute. But after about 45 minutes of trouble-making he settled down and fell asleep! He is, at this very moment, sleeping in his big boy bed! Eeeekkkkk!

I think it'll take him a week or so to get the hang of it, but these first few events were not so bad so I have high hopes of it not being any big deal. *Sigh* A girl can dream, right?

Now the only problem I'm having is that Richard and I are supposed to go out tonight for our Valentine's date. We usually plan to have the sitter arrive just after the kids are already in bed so it's no big deal for the sitter. Especially when "the sitter" is Richard's brother Kevin and his wife Kelly and they're doing it for free. And that's what we planned for tonight, but now I'm worried about leaving Asher on his first night in his new bed. It won't be as easy a night as Kevin and Kelly had planned for, I'm sure. I'm sure nothing tragic will happen or anything - I just feel bad saddling them with this issue.

And here it is: the big boy bed. The plaid you see is the underside of the new comforter. So see how it's under the mattress and then it comes up around the backside and goes on top of the mattress leaving just enough to cover him? Convenient, eh?

Looking at these pictures, I realize how lucky I am that the comforter matches their room so well. That's really just total coincidence. I wasn't even thinking about matching it to the room until we got it home. Ahhh, luck! I suppose I should really take all the credit for having such impeccable good taste.


Kelly Jo said...

We'll just tie him down or better yet just let him stay up as long as he wants!

Elieson Family said...

How exciting! Although I too am always super nervous that first night (or first YEAR) they aren't tethered to a crib. Seth should come out of his soon, he's almost 2, but I'm not so confident, especially since he'll be sharing a room with #5 next week. AHHH! Next week! YEAH!!!

angela michelle said...

Great idea with wrapping the comforter under the mattress. Haley has her twin blanket on a toddler bed right now, and I folded it in half longway and then put that on the bed--I think I'll try your method.
Congrats on getting a good start on this transition!