Friday, February 6, 2009

To Do:

Vacuum stairs
Clear off Dining Room table
Make brownie balls
Make giant cookie
Dip marshmallows in chocolate
Drizzle chocolate on cream puffs
Clean kitchen
Set tables with brown tulle, chocolates, fresh flowers, etc.
Borrow fancy dishes from fancy neighbor
Buy gift certificate as gift
Vacuum all of house
Glue chocolates to sticks to add to fresh flowers
Buy card for all who contributed to group gift to sign
Make some kind of big bow to put on big group gift
General de-cluttering of house
Organize the toys to look semi-decent
Wrap my own gift for Stephanie

Good grief. I don't think I should have made that list. I could just keep going on and on. But basically everything that's not on that list doesn't HAVE to happen. And I have the rest of today and tomorrow until about 5pm to work on that stuff - then I move into last minute prep mode. But I am happy to do all of it. Because this baby shower is gonna rock so dang much. I am so excited about it! I have 20 positive RSVP's and only 8 no's. Out of about 90 invites sent out. So I'm guessing somewhere around 30 people will actually come. I feel like I should warn the neighbors about the parking situation.


Grandpa Earl said...

Well, all the work must be Worth it, or you wouldn't volunteer to do it, right?
You are actually a great example to me - how you go the extra mile for folks to help them party. You go, girl!

Elieson Family said...