Sunday, February 15, 2009

The battle begins

Sunday, February 15, 2009: A Day to Remember

6:35pm: Naomi, Asher and Isaiah go to bed as usual.

6:55pm: I hear the soft scuffing of small feet coming down the stairs. I brace myself for Naomi's excuses.

6:56pm: The little feet coming down the stairs belong to Asher! He has just climbed out of his crib for the first time. After loosing it for half a second and almost laughing out loud, I get it together and have a collected chat with Asher about why he can not get out of bed anymore even though he can and how tomorrow we'll make his crib into a big boy bed and get a new big boy blanket and big boy pillow.

7:00pm: Asher is back in bed.

7:01pm: Asher is back out of bed but Mom waited in the hall for the inevitable and Asher goes straight back into bed.

7:10pm: I hear a door slam upstairs and go to investigate. Asher is awake, out of his crib, has turned on the lights in his room (which he shares with Isaiah) and has slammed his door and Naomi's.

7:11pm: Asher is back in bed.

7:12pm: Asher is out of bed.

7:13pm: Asher is back in bed.

9:15pm: No more appearances by Asher as of yet. I have no confidence that I'll be sleeping past 5am tomorrow. Note to self: Lock the gate at the top of the stairs when you go to bed so he can't wander downstairs upon waking up.

To be continued...

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erica said...

sorry. alice did that and I think she got hurt getting out of the crib, so she hasn't done it again. but I know what's coming. man.