Monday, February 23, 2009

Grandpa Reads

Well, once Asher got better, he really got better. His recovery was fast. So we were really able to have a good weekend. Lots of fun playing, a little time set aside for Mom-alone-time and Dad-alone-time, family, etc. Grandma and Grandpa Worth came over for dinner on Sunday. We had a lovely chat and lovely dinner. After dinner Grandma played Barbie's with Naomi in her room and Grandpa stayed downstairs with the boys and I. Asher was playing with a whoopee cushion for a while, which is always good for a laugh. Then Grandpa read Asher's favorite book to him (Richard Scarry's Cars and Trucks and Things That Go). That brought back great memories for me since when I was little we had a tape of my Grandmother reading Richard Scarry stories complete with "OK, now turn the page".

(Apparently there's a finger print on my camera lens again so forgive the blurriness.)

And since I'm putting up pictures I have to throw in this fun hairstyle of Naomi's for school today. Thanks to It's A Girl Thing. Pig tails into a braid and back into pig tails. Her hair wasn't quite long enough - there wasn't supposed to be an elastic at the bottom of the braid, but it wouldn't have held without it.
And this video of Naomi and Isaiah going a little crazy. They had a tough week last week since they both felt fine but were quarantined since I didn't know if either of them would catch what Asher had. Plus Mommy was all absorbed in Asher and took his side in every fight or discussion. So they were real troopers.


Ruth said...

I love the little streak of Asher doing his signature 'spot something across the room and while running towards it fling whatever he was previously playing with over his shoulders' move.'

Jolie said...

My girls would be jealous...first to be read to by Grandpa Worth and 2nd to have a mommy that does hair like that! My girls have to be happy with my reading and my lack of "pretty hair skills!"