Saturday, February 21, 2009

Turn Around

Asher made an abrupt change for the worse last night. It was actually hard to wake him up from his afternoon nap (which was 3 1/2 hours). I was really worried and debating taking him to the hospital. During my internal debate I said to myself "Self, if you take him to the hospital the first thing they're going to do is hand you a thing of Pedialyte and say 'Make him drink this'. You can do that here and save yourself some time and money." So I did. I went at him with a syringe-like medicine-giver thingy and made him drink it. And it worked. And I did that 5 times last night and then he ate his dinner and drank a whole cup of milk.

Now I must ask myself "Self, why didn't you do that before he got that bad?" And I have come to the realization that I am a softy when Asher is sick. I am total mush. I am softer than water. And I need to stop it. Because I am certainly not helping him by allowing him to get that dehydrated.

Asher had a great night, slept all night in his big boy bed, and woke up this morning perkier than we've seen him in days. So perky in fact, that we all went bowling this morning!

The sun seems to be shining brighter, the bird are singing, butterflies are flitting past (OK, not really) all because I am not in the hospital today and Asher is doing so much better.


erica said...

I had to syringe feed water and juice into Alice when she had the flu. she hated it. I hated it. but no hospital. I'm sorry you had to get to that point. that stinks. I'm glad everyone's doing better.

Jessica said...

Good job on getting him better without taking him to the hospital

Anonymous said...

Way to go. It's hard to be firm with your kids sometimes. Sometimes not, but it always is hard when they are pitiful.
I'm glad you worked it out.

angela michelle said...

phew--that was a close one! well you learned two tricks this time: getting his used to juice in advance and using the syringe.