Saturday, February 14, 2009


Ever since my little rant about how none of you blog on Saturday's, I feel somewhat obligated to blog on Saturday's myself. Oh well.

Today Richard and I took the kids to a nearby indoor pool. They were super excited when we told them where we were going, and they had even more fun than I expected. Asher spent almost the whole time jumping up and down in the water and saying "Hop! Hop! Hop!". Naomi splashed and jumped and floundered as much as I thought she would. And even Isaiah, who took a little while to warm up to the idea, eventually had a great time splashing around. Now if only it hadn't completely exhausted Richard and I!

Richard and I have planned our Valentine's Day date for Monday night. Our plans are to see Confessions of a Shopaholic. Well... those are my plans. Hopefully Richard will join me ... (just kidding...sorta). Tonight we are going to get some takeout and watch a movie at home. The discussion of what to watch is ongoing. One of us wants "Strange Brew" and the other wants "Wuthering Heights". Can you guess which is who's choice?


Jessica said...

Maybe if you watch his movie tonight, he'll watch your movie on monday!

Clyde said...

None of them: The Notebook, of course... Remember is Valentines Day. Your choice needs to be a super-duper-extra romantic movie. Enjoy!