Thursday, February 12, 2009

Squirrel Watching

It's been absolutely beautiful around here the last few days. The kids spent almost all of yesterday in the backyard (or else tracking dirt inside). Today it's a little cooler, but we still have a couple of windows open to let the fresh, brisk air in. This morning I decided I wanted to make a bird feeder like I've seen people do with a pinecone and some peanut butter. What I quickly learned is that the key ingredient to those bird feeders is birdseed. Which I don't have. Duh. BUT, you can make a squirrel feeder with just a pinecone and peanut butter. Perfect. So, in a super crafty move, I spent 30 seconds tying a ribbon to and then slathering peanut butter on a pinecone. In another 60 seconds it was hanging from the large tree right outside our backdoor. And within 5 minutes there were 2 squirrels on the same tree. They are actually pretty hysterical to watch - the way they timidly climb to the branch with the pinecone on it then skitter forward three steps then back two before approaching the snack. Actually, we have yet to spy them really eating off the pinecone but we know they've been messing with it since the ribbon is a little messed up. Squirrel watching is a fun way to distract the kids from whatever fight they're in at that moment. All it takes is a "Look! A squirrel!" and they all go running to the window for a peek.

My MIL, Margaret, was here this morning. She played with the kids and made some Valentine's with them while I cleaned my room. I think it's probably cleaner and more organized now than it has been since we moved in. It sure does feel nice. What could be a better Valentine's Day present from her than a nice, clean, romantic room?

Oh, and as an extra little Valentine's gift to myself I found a bag in the back of my closet with a brand new pair of pants in it that I must have bought like a year ago. It was in the back of my closet because the pants didn't actually fit when I bought them and I was too bummed (no pun intended) to return them. Well guess what folks, they still don't fit well. But this time they're too big! Happy, happy day!


angela michelle said...

I thought of something totally different when you said "squirrel watching." :)

Elieson Family said...

That last bit about the pants not fitting is AWESOME!!!