Thursday, February 19, 2009

Craft Therapy

Asher Update: There hasn't been any more throwing up since that first night, but he is still pretty mopey and won't eat much. Yesterday was a lot of crying and moaning and a blur of exhaustion (I'm trying to block most of yesterday out). He fell asleep last night at 5pm and we let him stay that way. Richard earned his Husband-of-the-Year Award last night by sleeping on the couch so that he would hear Asher crying and be able to deal with him while I slept all night. They apparently only woke up once around 1am and then got up for good at 6am. Asher seems a little more perky today but is obviously still not feeling well. I, however, am feeling much better with a full night's sleep behind me. Amazing what sleep can do for your attitude.

I believe in it. Therapy by crafting, that is. It works for me. And since I needed some therapy today to recover from yesterday, that's what I did.

I got these great fancy little measuring spoons from my mother for Christmas. I was so excited to bring them home and hang them in my kitchen just like my mother has hers. The only problem was that she has hers hanging from one of the knobs on her cabinet - and I don't have knobs on my cabinets. So I thought maybe I'd just hang them on the wall just above the backsplash. But they looked very lonely and random. So I thought I'd frame them. But they didn't seem quite artsy enough to be in a frame all by themselves. Then I thought of the scripture in Mathew about measuring, and the final idea was born. Of course, this all happened in January and it's now mid-February. And that, my friends, is how I came to be doing this today.

A little scrapbook paper, a frame stolen from something else, some wire, and wa-la!

Aren't the little birds just adorable? My neighbor actually brought me that piece of paper one day because she knew what my Chic Made logo was and thought of me when she saw the birds. Isn't that sweet? And then the measuring cups have little bird houses and birds on them too. Perfect!

I love the 3-D-ness of it.


Jessica said...

What a great craft! I love how you tied it all together

angela michelle said...

so cute! nice therapy!

Elieson Family said...

My therapy today? ordering more chocolate. BUT at least this was to give away to the kids' classrooms when #5 pops out, which speaking of, I WISH WAS NOW! I am suffering a serious change of sentiment :)
Those spoons are AWESOME. I love things like that, that have no real purpose other than to look gorgeous. Kinda like ribbon. I don't have enough hair to display my ribbons, but I love them.

Anonymous said...

You are so amazing. I miss being around to see your creativity at work!