Sunday, October 5, 2008

Conference Cuddling

This weekend is "General Conference" for our church. That means that "church" is broadcast over satellite and if you're lucky (or, in our case, pay for it) you can watch the broadcast on TV instead of at the church. There are four, two hour sessions over Saturday and Sunday - so the weekend is pretty busy. We TiVo it so that we can watch it when the kids are being minimally disruptive or are asleep. We watched a little while the kids were outside playing yesterday. And we watched a little while they were inside but occupied.

Below is immediately-post-nap for Isaiah. I always get good cuddles then. *Note the beautiful quilt my friend Jenny R. made for Isaiah upon his birth.

Here Naomi is playing computer games and the boys are watching intently. Too bad Asher looks totally drugged. It really was a cute moment of siblings playing together moderately peacefully.


angela michelle said...

It is good snuggle time. And we always try to do some good eating too. And now I'm about sick of the kitchen and don't want any more family togetherness for today!

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

Wasn't conference great? All the kids each had their own blankets out today. looked like quite a mess really but it was fun!

Rebecca said...

ooo, but it's free on the internet!