Thursday, October 23, 2008

Start shopping!

I love being an "Entrepreneur". I live for the "view count" on my little Etsy shop. It makes me so happy when people look at my stuff. It makes me even more happy when people buy my stuff! Entrepreneur-ship seems to run in my family all of the sudden. My sister owns and runs Red Rocket Resume, the greatest resume writing service ever. My brother is starting up a PTAC servicing company called Superior PTAC Services (a PTAC is some kind of air conditioning unit in big buildings apparently). My Dad just started his own handyman company, Clear Sky Handyman. Apparently, we like running a business!

Since I started my Etsy shop, I've also loved to shop on other people's Etsy shops. I think it's because purchases mean so much to me that I want to share that "love" with other people. So I plan to do as much of my Christmas shopping on Etsy as possible (and anyway, there are some incredible deals!). And Tip Junkie just made that easier! Tip Junkie has a list of Mom-owned businesses to shop at for the holiday's! She's calling it her Mom-Prenuers Shop-a-thon. And my little Etsy shop, Chic Made, is included! So go check it out now, and remember it for your shopping later. There are some seriously talented ladies out there!

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Paice Family said...

Hi! I've been thinking about starting up a little business like you have on etsy. It's funny because the past 2 nights I've woken up in the middle of the night with a sroke of genious, or so I thought until I looked on the internet and found that someone had already used my idea. Darn. Anyway maybe I could still make them. Will you send me your email so I can ask you a few questions? Thanks! I love your blog.