Friday, October 31, 2008

Moisture please!

Ok, so here's the way-too-much-information (males, just start skimming now - you're not interested).

Back in the day when I had a regular amount of time to get dressed each day (pre-kids that is) I wore foundation every day. When that all changed and I didn't really have a reliable time and who the heck cared anyway because nobody even saw me most days, I got out of that habit. But life recovers quickly and I soon wanted to start looking decent again. But with maybe a little faster routine. So I started using tinted moisturizer. It seemed like the perfect thing - one step and my skin is prepped for the day with a little bit of coverage.

The problem is that now I really need that moisture but I'm ready to up my game back to some kind of full-on foundation. I've noticed in pictures recently that my freckles are showing through a little more than I'd like. I'd like more coverage. But I can't find a good moisturizer-foundation combination that works. I've only tried a moisturizer (Oil of Olay) under the foundation I used to wear (Cover Girl Clean Make-up). The foundation just slid right off when combined with the Oil of Olay. I don't really want to invest $100 in trying ten different combinations before I find something that works. So help me out Ladies. What works for you?

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angela michelle said...

Okay, when you said this was going to be a too-much-information post, I was afraid you were talking about a whole different kind of moisture!!!

I have no great advice for you. (I'm so greasy I only moisturize at night and I don't do much foundation.) But I'm always sad when women with freckles cake on the makeup to cover them up. I like to see a little actual skin on a face, and freckles are usually cute.

I have had people swear by that mineral powder foundation. Maybe that would work better with moisturizer?