Saturday, October 18, 2008

Family Under Construction Sign

I told you I was whipping up a sign the other day. I'm only 1/2 satisfied. The blue/green/yellow one I made with my home's colors in mind and I don't like how it turned out at all. I didn't realize how bright the yellow was. I was thinking it would look good because, you know, it's like a "caution" sign or a construction sign. But in the end I think it just looks cheap and gaudy. Also, the green paper was too thin so it wrinkled when I put the Mod Podge on, and the whole thing looks messy because of it. The tan/green/brown one I made for my friend Stephanie. I love how hers turned out. The background paper is so subtle that it almost looks like it's stenciled on. Overall though, for something I whipped up with stuff I had lying around, I think they turned out good enough. Here are the finished products:

Random Note: I just went to get Isaiah as he woke up from his afternoon nap and somehow he had wriggled out of his pants. They are a little long on him so I'm guessing he stepped on the hem which pulled them down a little and it all went "down hill" from there (yuck yuck!). It was just such an adorably unexpected state to find him in that I find myself chuckling uncontrollably. He may be loosing some of his baby fat, but his legs are still pretty darn chunky!

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angela michelle said...

definitely awesome for stuff you found around. you're crafty!