Thursday, October 16, 2008

Family Under Construction

My friend, Stephanie, rocks. She is in my ward here and we have much in common (a love of parties and excuses to leave the house, a crazy life full of kids, a desire for more of the same craziness, etc.). She is one of the girlfriends who hung out with me at my Sterlingfest booth. She left a comment on my previous post that, among other things, said:

"All of this reminds me of a few years ago when everybody's start-up websites said "under construction" Remember those? I should put a sign up above my front door: "Family Under Construction". Or maybe something more challenging like "House of God under construction"

I love it! I am working right now on making a sign that says "Family Under Construction". Love, love, love it. Thanks, Steph! I'll make one for you too!


angela michelle said...

nanc you are awesome to take a lame overwhelming experience and turn it into positive progress for your family. that is so important and great. i'm sorry you had a such a lame day--things just slide into chaos so fast! but i'm really proud of you for working to turn it around.

(i read both posts to mom, josh, and dad--SO NOW MOM KNOWS!)

angela michelle said...

mom says: "wish you were here"

josh says: "i'm building the blog paradigm right now. i'm going to start a blog"