Monday, October 20, 2008

Scripture Study

One week down... a bazillion to go.

Our family has never done a regular family scripture study program. It always seemed a little pointless, quite frankly, since the kids were so young. But part of my "house of order" thing was to start scripture study. Naomi is 4, nearly 5, and it's time. So we started out bringing all the kids into our room and doing it on our bed - but Asher and Isaiah both escaped. It didn't work at all. So after two failed attempts at doing it that way we tried something new - leaving the boys in their cribs. Naomi, Richard and I go sit on the floor in the boys room between their cribs. The boys stay in their cribs, and then we can actually do some reading. We have successfully done this for a week now.

We have the Book of Mormon Reader, which is great for kids, but we want to read straight from the scriptures at family scripture study. So we decided to deal with that by having Sunday nights be "BoM Reader Night". Last night we looked at the Reader and used our Gospel Art Kit to show the kids pictures and do a little review of everything we had read in the past week. The kids really enjoyed it.

I am so excited to have started a new program that is really working for us. I know our family will be blessed because of it. ... We already are being blessed by starting out each day with the Spirit.

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angela michelle said...

Yay Nancy! You're starting them young! Great idea to review the story of what you've read. I'm a firm believer that you should read to little kids straight from the scriptures--then they'll learn scripture language and be comfortable with it for the rest of their lives. But then they do need to be taught the stories a bit on the side.

Good idea to leave the little boys in their cribs!

But what about if on Sunday you looked at the pictures/read the stories of what you were about to read in the COMING week? Then maybe they could start to absorb a bit more of what you're reading.

We also have everyone read a verse, so we say "and it came to pass" and then the kid repeats it, etc.