Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Pics

Last year I got in trouble the morning after Halloween for not having posted pictures yet. So this year I'm on the ball and posting pics while it's still the 31st. Nobody could possibly complain then!

First off, there are some pics from last weekend's church Trunk or Treat. For this event even Richard and I dressed up (because Naomi would have it no other way). However, Asher refused to wear either of the TWO store-bought costumes I had gotten him because, despite the tag saying 2T-4T, neither of them fit.

Naomi, The Bride

Isaiah, The Dog (or, if you prefer, Poochy)

Richard, Indiana Jones
Nancy, the generic cat

Asher, Indiana Jones in training, (or, as Richard says, Steve Jobs - apparently Steve Jobs always wears a black shirt and jeans)
Our silly Jack-O-Lantern that the kids and I carved

Naomi, The Bride, in the Halloween Parade at Preschool

Naomi The Bride, Asher The Penguin, Friend Sienna The Giraffe, Isaiah The Pooch

(Asher's penguin costume was actually what I had planned for him from Day One. But I had so much trouble finding the basic black starter-outfit that I twice gave up and bought the stupid store-bought costumes. Sheesh. In the end I threw this together last night. But I'm really happy with how it turned out.)

Below, Asher and his friend Zach/Robin have given up on this whole walking-door-to-door-but-never-going-in thing and plopped down on a random neighbor's front lawn. That was the end of Trick or Treating for them. Naomi and her friend Sienna made it a few more streets.

Good night!


angela michelle said...

cute! what drama we have over costumes!

richard makes an awesome indiana jones--he's totally working it. and you are so dang skinny!!

lisalmg said...

Beautiful family!!