Thursday, October 9, 2008


It's a beautiful Fall morning. I walk to the back french door and look out through the delicate sheer-white curtain. I'm about to put the curtain up to let more sunshine in when I notice a mosquito between the filmy folds of the curtain. **Clap** I smash the mosquito between my palms. Still inside the curtains' folds. I'm a genius. There is now blood and mosquito-guts on six layers of the filmy, delicate, sheer white curtain. A row of little red dots all across the curtain.

I guess I'll do a load of curtains today.


erica said...

the joy of killing a mosquito outweighs the hatred of laundry in my book. way to kill of the little bugger.

Wendy said...

Just think of it this way.. you were a superhero.. you saved your whole family from utter misery in itching followed by destruction in west nile virus.. Super Nancy Saves Her Family Again.

(I am jessica's sister, wendy)