Friday, October 24, 2008


Naomi's preschool had a field trip to "Pumpkinville" today. I left the boys at home and got to go along. We had such a blast! It was so great to see Naomi "in her element". She travelled in a pack of girls...when did she grow up? This girl will not have a problem transitioning to all-day-school. She impressed the pants off her teacher right in front of me. She said "What's that, Mom?" pointing to a tee pee. I told her. And she said "It's kinda like a triangle. I could draw that at home. I'd just do a triangle and some sticks poking out."

Below is Naomi, her pack of friends, and their Assistant Teacher, Mrs. Bradish.

And here is Naomi with her Teacher, Mrs. Eddy.

It was good to have some time for just us girls!


angela michelle said...

what a cutie! she looks older already. looks like a really fun place and attentive teachers.

Jessica said...

So did the boys stay home alone? (JK)

Kelly Jo said...

I love that picture of the two of you.