Saturday, October 25, 2008

Daddy's Cuddles

There is a very special time each day, just after Isaiah wakes up from his afternoon nap, when he gives out cuddles freely and liberally to anyone within the reach of his cute little chubby arms. It is a glorious time of day that I cherish. He'll lay on my chest on the couch, or bring me a blanket to cover us both up with. Sometimes I can even persuade Naomi to join in the cuddling. Since Richard is rarely home to benefit from this fabulous ritual, I selflessly asked him if he would like a chance to partake of the cuddly goodness today. He got up from his computer, came into the family room, and did the following:

Can you believe he squandered his cuddles this way? He claims that this is a "Daddy way of cuddling". That may be true. But if it is, there is much to be said for the "Mommy way of cuddling" too.


angela michelle said...

that is definitely a daddy thing!

Clyde said...

It's the same kind of "cuddle/snuggle" that my kids always demand from Doug -anytime. What is wrong with our husbands!? :)

Anyways, you certainly need to post a video of you and Isaiah doing the "original" cuddle... so the dads can see AND believe our very-own moms' way to get everyday in-love with our children.

Paice Family said...

So cute! Both the kids and I love daddy time! :)