Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I love, love, love Fall. Maybe it's because Richard and I were married mid-October and I remember driving to the temple on that day and my mother said something like "Look around and remember the beauty of this day. Every time you see these beautiful Virginia Fall leaves you'll think of this happy day." Bit of a self fulfilling prophesy if you ask me... So today I took a break from stressing about Sterlingfest preparations and put up my decorations. Here are a few of my favorites.

This glass pumpkin is one of my most treasured things. I got it as a wedding gift from the mother of a friend. I think I love it so much because it is another reminder of our Fall wedding and because it was one of the few beautiful, fancy things I owned at that point in my life. I love to fill it with different things each year. This year it is potpourri.

These ceramic gourds were just added last year. Last year at this time I had just had my gallbladder removed and a Pier 1 add came with these pictured in it. I knew that second that Pier 1 would be my first "outing" post surgery.

Here's a spooky bat hanging from the light in the front hall entrance way. Isaiah LOVES this bat. Every time we come down the stairs he freaks out with joy. It's almost dangerous because he gets so wiggly he's hard to hold on to.

This is our guard cat. She looks super spooky at night when the lamp inside is on.

Apparently crows are very "in" this year. So here is mine, perched on a lamp. I didn't tell Richard about this new decoration and he says it really did spook him the first time he noticed it. I don't know why they're so spooky, but they are. "Quoth the raven, nevermore."

This is a wreath that is up year-round in our hall, but we added some little wooden signs that Naomi and I colored and glittered. We had a great time. She is so fun to do crafts with right now. She's so creative!

Here's our front door. The "Beware" sign is new this year. And the giant spider...eek. I have a hard time hanging him up each year because I don't even like to touch it. Yuck. But I guess that's the effect I'm going for because he still makes it up year after year. If I get really motivated I'll make a web for him between the railing and the roof.
And my absolute favorite decoration for Fall... outside! Here is the view through my kitchen window. Oh how I love that view.

So there you have it. More than you ever wanted to know about my Fall decorating. I tried and tried to make a garland by stringing candy corn together, but it was so hard and I kept breaking the candy corn so much that I eventually gave in and just let the kids eat all the candy. It would have looked so cool...


Elieson Family said...

Very impressive in person too, I might say!
Your inventory looks great! I'm so excited for you!!! See you later..

Kelly Jo said...

I'm loving the raven. I too love Fall, it's my favorite time of year!!

Paice Family said...

Nancy, your blog is so cute! I love how you've decorated the house. Someday I'll have a cute house of my own to decorate... I can't wait. Your haircut is so cute it makes me want to cut mine all off. I think Chris would be a little upset though. I like what you wrote about the laundry putting you to sleep. I can totally relate to that! Thanks for all the cute comments on my blog! :0)Mandy

angela michelle said...

1. what a sweet comment from mom.
2. your front room and dining room are so beautiful--you should win an award
3. isn't it fun to have kids to decorate for/with?
4. I forgot all about your gallbladder surgery-what a nightmare that was!

Chelsea Van Tol said...

looking good!!